Yearly Update, Even Late

Hello again! As usual, I am very bad at updating websites -- it's hard to think that 15 years ago I could run a dozen simultaneously, and now I struggle with keeping a basic resumé online. Ah well. I had surgery earlier this year with a long recovery, along with college, work, and other serious life stuff I won't get into. Good excuses, but...I don't even update when I have no excuses, so take that how you will! But, as always, I still play Creatures, and still chip away at my projects.

The Lift: Creatures 1 - Norn watching a seahorse
Much like a norn staring endlessly at that seahorse, playing Creatures never gets old for me.
🙟 Currently, I've decided to focus all my energy into one idea at a time, so something gets done around here. This is "cleaning" all the COBs I regularly use, and posting my edits to the website. Because COBs are mostly by third-parties, and are so old generally, a lot of them either have bugs or weird effects. For some time now I've been editing COBs before injecting them, to make sure they contain no errors, and to tweak their effects to my liking. One "error" example is to fix the Island Cave Carrots, which currently don't regenerate in the cave patch, but back in the garden (or they did in some version, maybe that link is fixed, I forget). Another "tweak" example is to remove "pain" from some food items, like some lemon varieties — causing pain while eating is counter-intuitive, since it causes punishment, and a norn can't tell the difference between food items.

However, exactly because these are all third-party made, I don't want to just upload all the edited COBs...personal use is one thing, but posting other people's code is another. So I'm going to create a big list of COB Edits, which will explain my edits and show readers how they can edit their COBs the same way.

One thing I might post for download, maybe, is a completely edited & cobbed "world.src" file. Except for a few unedited COBs still on my list, I've been working on a "template" empty world file. I switch between worlds pretty frequently, and it's a giant pain in the rear to have to re-install the same stuff over and over. At the very least, I'm writing up a page/post which will describe and list everything I do for a "basic game", with tweaks, COBs, and breeds.

The Lift: Creatures 1 - a baby dragon norn
🙟 Another minor note: I moved Kathira's Dragon Norns to breed slot C1S2 -- so they are now shee/geat instead of norns. One of my bazillion "future ideas" is to use the fourth species slots for a parallel species of norns, since there are a handful of clashing slots sprites I enjoy. I'm not sure it will ever be viable to have them breed directly with regular norns, but I have an inkling that it might be possible with a sort of egg-machine COB...maybe some day. For now, they'll just be pretty additions when I want some more variety in my game.

🙟 Additionally, I want to mention I ran into an important "bump" while trying to implement new COB classes, which I mentioned in the last post. It seems while the undefined classes are "there", the vivarium doesn't know entirely what to do with them. They insert as the type of object intended, and can be seen by norns and carried around by hand, but pushing them does nothing. Now that might have been some error on my part in coding, but I am pretty sure that's not the issue. Slink was the only one, that I'm aware of, that created new C1 classes, so I'll have to dig through her blank worlds for more info.

🙟 Lastly, I've been informed it's the Creatures Community Spirit Festival just happened this week~. Funny, I always miss it! I've also started floating in a few Discord servers, so say hello if you see me! I hope to also play Docking Station via the Albian Warp, but that means I have to figure out how to play it all all...I never did get used to C3/DS.....

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